Great Electronic Gift Ideas

Virtual KeyboardPlaytime. There are umpteen new and cool gadgets making their way into the marketplace – and some are must haves. As any good consumer knows, we can’t always have them all in a day, but little by little upgrading our electronics is imperative to moving forward in business, and in the case of many people, moving forward in life.

Taking gadgetry to a whole new level of luxury like a party bus rental Fayetteville NC I have written about a few of the most diverting and innovative, gizmos available today. They make great gifts and with the holidays always on the calender, or a birthday looming on the horizon, you might want to surprise your special someone with one of these novelties.

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Smart Home Tech…

The Next Generation of Cyber Protection

malware cartoonWe’ve all become aware of computer viruses infecting our PC’s. As many of us have learned, the simple virus has morphed and evolved over the last two decades. Now a virus doesn’t always mean simple. It can be a very real threat to our financial health and safety. Everyone with a computer needs on-line protection.

No one can assume their information will be safe. Your information can be taken from your computer by hackers as easily as Hamilton tow trucks can tow cars from no parking zones. It’s commonly called malware. Malicious software that finds it’s way into our home PCs’, Macs’ and smart phones.

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The Dark Side To Smart Home Technology

Hooded HackerSmart Home Products And Vulnerabilities

There are so many wonderful ways to stay connected through electronics. We aren’t going to stop progress, and in today’s society progress is centered around technology. Here’s the thing; with Smart Home technology it works with us and against us. It is a two way exchange and not always equitable.

We invite the world into our space when we use technology. I don’t mean just social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. These are by design meant to bring in the outside world. We intentionally cater to the public, inviting them to partake in our personal news. We even want them to comment, approve or apply. Its a way of life that most of us take for granted. However, are we aware of how much we lay ourselves open to the less than trustworthy?

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Home Computerized Control Systems (CCS)

5 Tips to Getting the Best Out of Your Home Electronics

Control4-home-automationWhole home electronics are coming of age in existing homes, but even more in new homes being built. In modern builds, home control systems are incorporated into the first architectural renderings. The options are mindblowing. Features that give you the capability to turn on lights from miles away. Or allow you to turn up the thermostat on a cold winter’s night, on your drive home from the office.

With built in technology you can set the oven to respond to your distant signal so it’s all warmed up and ready for you to pop in the casserole when you walk in the door. In fact, in the not too distant future you will have a two legged robots replacing workers at roofing Fayetteville NC and all sorts of other industries. Robots will be doing chores from garbage collection to even setting the table for you! And to top it all off this and more can be controlled before you even get out of your car – miles from home. The conveniences of a home automation system seem ripped out of the story lines of an episode of The Jetsons, but, in fact, it’s becoming the new reality.

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